Terms & Conditions

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before viewing our website, providing content for our blog(s) or galleries, and/or participating in any online/internet/web-based service we provide. 

Ownership of intellectual property

All images, photographs, text, video clips, audio clips, illustrations, games, graphics, creative elements, written content, and other intellectual property that appear on the Arawak Creative Group, LLC website are the property of Arawak Creative Group, LLC. Any unauthorized re-use or distribution of any content on Arawakcg.com web pages is strictly prohibited.

Guidelines on the submission of photos, videos, and artwork for posting

Arawakcg.com visitors who wish to submit photos, videos, artwork, essays, and other written and visual content do so with their complete understanding of the following:

  • Arawak Creative Group, LLC has the unrestricted authorization to post any submitted photos, videos, artwork, and/or written content on its website (including galleries, blogs, and any other sections); use them in newsletters; and use them in any arawakcg.com presentations.
  • Submitted photos, videos, artwork, and written content must belong entirely—and only—to the person or persons who submitted them.
  • Anyone who submits a photo, video, artwork, and/or written content agrees to hold Arawak Creative Group, LLC, the owners of arawakcg.com, and the website’s operators harmless from any and all losses, damages, rights, claims, and actions of any kind in connection with the acceptance, possession, and use of the submitted photo, video, artwork, and/or written content on the arawakcg.com website, in arawakcg.com newsletters, and in arawakcg.com and Arawak Creative Group, LLC communications.

User postings, contributions, and participation at Arawakcg.com

Arawak Creative Group, LLC maintains the absolute right to accept or reject any information, input, or creative contributions submitted or posted on the Arawak Creative Group, LLC website (Arawakcg.com) for display. Examples of content that will not be allowed include:

  • Information that could personally identify an individual or individuals
  • Profanity or obscenities
  • Personal attacks—through text, illustrations, photos, written content, etc.—on an individual, group, or organization
  • Any material that appears in any way to threaten, purposefully offend, or harm other arawakcg.com visitors or users of any Arawak Creative Group online service
  • Obscene, pornographic, violent, demeaning, or threatening content
  • Other information that Arawakcg.com owners deem inappropriate

Arawak Creative Group, LLC holds the sole discretion for determination and identification of anyone or any material described anywhere in this document.

Arawakcg.com—as well as its owner, Arawak Creative Group, LLC—is not responsible in any way for content on third-party web pages to which Arawakcg.com links.

Use of Services, Activities, and/or Promotions

Users of online services, activities, and/or promotions provided by Arawak Creative Group, LLC who create and share content through those services, activities, and/or promotions accept sole responsibility for their related activities and use of the content. The following rules concerning Arawak Creative Group online/Internet/web-based services, activities, and promotions are absolute:

  • The user accepts complete and sole responsibility for his or her actions related to participation in services, activities, and/or promotions provided and/or hosted by Arawak Creative Group, LLC and Arawakcg.com.
  • The user is responsible for keeping any personal content, password, or other information private and confidential.
  • The user will not include content or information—or links to content or information—that can be considered (at Arawak Creative Group’s sole discretion) illegal, harmful, threatening, inappropriate, obscene, or insulting to any individual or organization.
  • The user will not threaten, purposefully offend, or harm other users any other Arawak Creative Group service, activity, or promotion—in any way.
  • The user will be solely responsible for ensuring that he or she does not violate any local, state, federal, or international laws, including but not limited to copyright, defamation, and obscenity laws.
  • The user will not upload, download, or introduce any content that contains worms, viruses, spyware, or any other damaging material.
  • The user accepts—without reservation or stipulation—the terms of Arawak Creative Group, LLC’s Privacy Policy, which can be accessed at: www.arawakcg.com/privacy-policy/

Other important notes concerning submitted and linked content:

  • Arawak Creative Group, LLC, arawakcg.com, and the owners and operators of both entities are not responsible in any way for information or material displayed by users of any other service, activity, or promotion hosted or provided by Arawak Creative Group, LLC and Arawakcg.com.
  • Arawak Creative Group, LLC, Arawakcg.com, and the owners and operators of both entities are not responsible in any way for the content that appears on third-party websites that can be accessed through presentations created by users of Arawak Creative Group services, activities, and/or promotions.

Privacy Policy

Please visit our Privacy Policy page, which explains in detail our online information practices and the choices you can make about the way your information is collected and used.